How to Start a Corporate Mentoring Program?

Mentor Network Chat Forum – Please Ask a QuestionCategory: Ask Mike GarskaHow to Start a Corporate Mentoring Program? asked 3 years ago

Hi Mike Garska, Starting a corporate mentoring program can seem like a huge task, and for that reason alone, many organizations simply don’t do it, but Mentorship is essential for the success of the organization. i’m looking for some tips or Programs to start Mentoring using the resources my company already has to improve employee satisfaction, develop leadership, and teach new skills. Thanks

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Mike Garska Staff answered 3 years ago

Watch our Easy Start Mentor Program Video‘s.  We can help you with a SaaS internal web based mentor program for your company. You can scroll down the same page and watch the  video; Learn our 6 Step Easy Start Mentor Masterminding System.

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