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Millions of people are Searching For Mentors in your Community and Online.

Getting Started

Be a Mentor!
Millions of people around the world and in your community are looking for a mentor. Mentoring organizations typically get about 5-7 mentees for every mentor that joins. People need you. Be a mentor. Pay it forward. It’s your duty to give back.

January is National mentor month so it’s a good time for me to ask people to mentor someone new. During National Mentoring Month, we celebrate everyone who teaches, inspires, and guides people as they reach for their dreams. Thank you mentors.

Don’t stop in January though. Mentor at least one new person every year. It’s my commitment. If you haven’t done it yet this year, join a mentoring organization and help someone. If you’re not sure where to help, join and be a mentor or check the Mentor Resources and Websites page there to find other organizations.

Thought and emotional processes that are critical to success cannot be taught and learned in a classroom alone. It’s called tacit knowledge. Knowledge that cannot be written down. Real life experience is needed to teach our new generations the success tools required to succeed in families, communities and businesses. Benjamin Franklin said: "Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and show me and I learn." Mentoring involves and shows people.

Mentoring doesn’t stop at youth. It’s a natural process we use to learn throughout life. People need you to mentor them. Just do it. Its your duty. Around the world people rely on mentoring to maintain and grow their families, communities and businesses. They need it to make our communities and countries stronger.

Take advantage of our unique feature at and build or join a mastermind group. In a mastermind environment you can mentor 3 or 4 people at once. Try it. It’s very rewarding. Everyone, including the mentor learns from each other’s wins and challenges. Just do it. Join a mentoring organization and Mentor someone today or join a mastermind group. Experience the joy of giving.

Please tell your friends to mentor someone. Thank you. Have a wonderful day.

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