How to connect with mentors?

At FindAMentor we encourage direct communication as much as possible.

Step 1: Identify a mentor or mentee by searching at FindAMentor.

Remember you can mastermind with other mentees and utilize peer mentoring to increase awareness, knowledge and experience. you should read this post,  if you want your life to change, get better at masterminding.

Step 2: Contact them through our database, you can send them unlimited messages through our messaging function.

Step 3: Ask them to forward a completed FindAMentor Mentor or Mentee questionnaire.

Step 4: Verify their references.

Step 5: Exchange email and phone numbers when comfortable.

Step 6: Make an appointment to contact them in some way and keep your agreement. If you can’t re-negotiate before the appointment begins. Make sure you both have contact information.  

The best way to communicate information is in direct one-on-one face-to-face meetings because Interpretations are most accurate.

About  70% of communication happens through body language and facial expression.  Voice-tone contributes another 10%-20 %. Only 10% or less is through words themselves.

At FindAMentor direct contact is not always possible . We can still benefit with the sharing of information.

The 2nd best way to connect with a mentor is over the phone.  You maintain the voice tone which helps with interpretation.

The third option is to communicate in emails.  Be very specific and share emotion and thoughts in the writing.