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The 7 steps to Find Your Passion and Purpose in Life

So you can love how you live and love what you do…
1. Listen to your inner self. Write down your longings and discontents.

  • What are your longings? Write them down.
  • What are your discontents? Write them down. Marry Morrissey says your longings and your discontents are messages from the universe to your authentic self.

2. Write down everything you love about life.
3. Write down your goals that you can think of right now.

  • Short term goals.
  • Long term goals

4. Decide which goals, longings and discontents give you the strongest feeling inside. Think of pride, desire, love, confidence, passion, drive.
5. Make a decision about the one passion or love in your life that runs deepest, and is inclusive of some of the others, and think of a simple 3 to 7 word statement that can define a purpose for you. Your purpose is the best way for you to offer service in this life. People are on this planet to serve in some way. We all do it. Align your purpose and passion with service. Think of a service you can offer others that can fully, or at least somewhat, align with your purpose right now. Act on it. Some examples of purpose for people I know are:

  • I bring people together.
  • I make music.
  • I make art.
  • I help people find purpose.
  • I bring health into people’s lives.

6. Do something that activates your mind and actions so you can learn more about your passion and purpose and become an expert over time. Go to school or get some work experience in a field that aligns with your purpose. Start right now, no matter your age. It will be fulfilling and rewarding to your authentic self and you will be rewarded in many ways over time. Start now!

  • Enroll in some training on-line or get into a school that offers courses on the service that aligns with your purpose.
  • Get a job, even if it’s at the bottom of the ladder, with a company where you can learn the ins and outs of the business where your purpose can be brought out in some type of service. Living your purpose means building a strong self serving in some way even if it’s being a part of a greater service. People have started out as janitors or mail room clerks and moved up to become the leaders of the company because they had a passion for the service that the company they worked in, provided. Their job, in some small way, aligned with a purpose and a desire to serve with the purpose in mind.

7. Begin now to fulfill your passions and work with your purpose using mentors and mastermind partners. Join the FindAMentor lifelong learning EPIC Mentor Network and find a mentor for free in a category that aligns with your passion. Use the FindAMentor.com unique feature to build a mastermind group in that category. Check other mentoring sites. FindAMentor.com lists many in their mentor websites and resources page.
You might want to watch our FindAMentor, free for members, People Tune Up life coaching video series to get you pointed in the right direction for your thought and emotional processing.
Thank you for reading.
Mike Garska,
President, FindAMentor
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12 simple Tricks to Success – Part 7

This is the seventh blog of a series, “12 Simple tricks to Success” from Findamentror.com. We reveal one trick each month for you to read and practice so that in 12 months you’ll have developed some habits that can expedite your success. Enjoy!

Just like every trade and profession has its’, “tricks of the trade”, all very successful people have 12 tricks they do, no matter what industry or institution they work in. They do those things consistently. They are important processes that great and successful people follow.



Trick number Seven:


Get in touch with your purpose in life!

There may be large groups of people who appear to be the same, or at the very least, similar. But people are classified into groups to simplify talking about particular issues, not to acknowledge unique personality traits.

In reality, every person who belongs to a group will have some traits in common with other members, but they will also have many very individual traits that no one else in the group possesses. We are all miracles unto ourselves. Each of us, even identical twins, has distinct thought and emotional patterns.

Successful people understand how unique they are. They have a deeply rooted belief in themselves as individuals. That belief may be shaken on the road to success, but successful people find a way to re-group and continue on their chosen path.

Discovering what makes us unique and celebrating our rarity is essential to success. We cannot achieve wealth or lasting happiness unless

we honor our uniqueness and believe in ourselves.

Og Mandino writes, “Proclaim your Rarity” as one of the five key elements of success in his ‘God Memorandum’ from the book “The Greatest Miracle in the World”.

When we proclaim our rarity, we begin to get in touch with our individual purpose in life. Knowing my purpose in life drives me and guides me. When I defined a purpose in life, it made it easier to decide on opportunity as it presented itself.

How do you get in touch with your purpose in life? Keep it simple. Some examples of simple life purpose would be:

Make Music that inspires others.

Write books to help people Learn.

Write books to Entertain people.

Help others see big picture better.

Paint beautiful pictures for people to Enjoy.


Sell great Products.

Assist others to achieve their goals.

Live, Love, Matter.

Mother Theresa’s purpose was to help the poor and disadvantaged in India.

My personal overall purpose in life is to bring people together to better each other. To that end, I have found a way to align my purpose with every job I’ve had and let it evolve over time.

When I sold equipment to construction companies, I saw my purpose as being fulfilled by bringing equipment people together with construction people to help each achieve their goals.

When I sold industrial fasteners, I took the same approach.

When I had the cellular phone business, I saw myself as bringing people together to enhance their communications.

When I’m consulting in business, I bring people together to work in harmony and communicate better as they achieve their goals. I focus on enhancing team work using the mastermind principle bringing people together in common purpose.

I founded FindAMentor.com to bring people together to learn from each other.

Notice that purpose in life has to do with serving others. Each person’s definite purpose in life is about service. No one builds wealth of any type without serving. We are rewarded for service. It’s that simple. If you want more wealth of any type, find a way to offer more service, even if it’s through others and a team you’ve built.

You can identify your purpose in life by reflecting on your life so far.

What are your goals in life? Refer to your goal lists from chapter one in this series.

What are your passions in life? What do you love to do? What excites you? How do your passions fit with your goals? Become aware of your unique desires and passions and decide how you want to serve in our world? If you served in this way, would it invoke enthusiasm in you? As you go through this process you will be able to identify a simple purpose in life.

How will you serve? Define that simple purpose right now. As you get to know yourself better through service, your purpose might change. It’s okay to change purpose and focus as you grow through life and change. Having a purpose of any kind gives you direction and helps you make decisions as opportunity presents itself. Just do it now. Follow a purpose. You’re rarity will begin to shine.

As you follow your purpose, your belief in yourself will grow. Your confidence will grow. You will get better at serving. You will become an expert in your field and your riches will grow.

When we live with purpose, writing our goals down, utilizing the 12 tricks outlined in this series, we build confidence and our wealth grows. Each time we cross goals off a list, our confidence grows. It doesn’t matter how small the goal is or how much our confidence builds, as long as it grows.

Even when we go to the grocery store and purchase everything on the shopping list, there is a feeling of accomplishment. That positive feeling anchors itself in our subconscious. The more we anchor positive emotion in ourselves, the more we attract positive situation and circumstance. It’s that simple. Get in the habit of anchoring positive emotion and you will begin displaying the habit of expressing positive emotion. As that happens, you will attract more positive people and emotion into your life and your ball of riches will begin to roll and grow like a snowball rolling down a snow covered mountain. You won’t be able to stop it.

Each time we achieve a goal and cross it off the list, our confidence and belief in our self builds.

As we move further into this process of writing goals down, serving, and crossing goals off the list, our positive emotional self grows and we become more passionate about our purpose. The energy of passion brings new ideas, opportunities, and people to us that in turn help us achieve more goals. Our confidence continues to grow, and we set larger more complex goals that we feel more capable of achieving.

As we achieve larger and larger goals we find our brilliance — that absolutely unique combination of thoughts, feelings, and intentions that make up who we are at the most unique level. You can become the best you and be in touch with your highest self.

Identify a purpose to follow. Serve the best you can and achieve more starting right now.

Keep your purpose and goals to yourself until you feel strong and confident in yourself. I don’t often share my goals or purpose with others. Sometimes I’ve told others about some of my goals—when I think telling them might build my confidence or help me achieve them. Sometimes I guessed wrong, and telling others made me feel less confident.

Make sure to write your goals and purpose down. Writing down our goals rather than talking about them has two benefits. First, it allows us to declare our rarity, just to ourselves. It’s humble that way, but we can also remain confident. Second, goals change. Not sharing them until they are achieved allows us to keep our integrity. When a goal changes or takes longer to achieve than expected, we do not have to deal with the pressure of others’ expectations or negative comments.

Believing in ourselves and exuding confidence helps us go the extra mile and keep our agreements. It helps us build our networks — people are naturally drawn to those who seem to know what they want. It gives us confidence to make choices that suit us.

Belief in self leads to discovering new desires. It allows us freedom to celebrate our own, and others’, rarity and live with a sense of love. Proclaim your rarity. Serve others how you want and add enthusiasm to the mix. Have a great day. Thanks for reading.