Frequently Asked Questions


How does work? operates like an internet dating site where the member looks for their mentor or mentee match by searching the database online. People place profiles as mentors or mentees in one of 1400 categories. As a member you can place a different Ad in up to 5 categories. Maybe you’re a mentor in one aspect of life and a mentee in another.

What is a FindAMentor ID? 

When you fill out your account information, there is a section for FindAMentor ID. FindAMentor ID is a nickname you choose for people to know you at FindAMentor. This keeps your information private until you choose to share it. Other members see your FindAMentor ID in your different profiles. All of your profiles show your FindAMentor ID. You can only have one FindAMentor ID with each email address you sign into the site with, but each email address may have up to five profiles.

How do I change my FindAMentor ID? 

You cannot change your FindAMentor ID. Do not use an email address. If you want to change your FindAMentor ID, you will have to delete your account and start over.

How do I change my email address? 

You cannot change your email address. We use it as a main account identifier. If you want to change your email address, you will have to delete your account and start over with the new one. Sorry for the inconvenience.

How old do I have to be to join FindAMentor? 

FindAMentor is for adult use and guardians. When the mentee is not an adult, guardians must sign up for them and monitor matching activity. Guardians should supervise mentoring sessions.

Does it cost anything for mentoring?

There is no fee charged by for basic membership. This allows you to build one Ad and send 10 emails a month.

We encourage mentors to offer mentoring for free. If they want to charge they are asked to call it coaching. Some mentors may charge for services and they will have to tell you and arrange payment for services on their own with you.

 What if there is not a mentor in the area of life (CATEGORY) I want to grow in? 

We still only have a few thousand members with 1 in 5 being mentors so there are not mentors in every category at this time. You can join and search. If at first there is not a mentor in the category you are looking for, check back every so often to see if one has joined.   

How do I verify that the mentor or mentee is qualified and authentic?

  • Utilize the mentor questionnaire or mentee questionnaire.
  • Have them fill out the form and check their references.
  • If things check out and you feel comfortable, connect and complete a mentor session using the ‘Mentor Session Questionnaire’.

 I’m looking for a mentor for my child or helping a younger person locate a mentor in our community.

  • When you’re looking for a life skills adult mentor for a younger person we suggest getting in touch with Big Brothers Big Sisters organizations across North America.


How do I know if I have found the right mentor?

Once a member thinks they have found a compatible mentor or mentee match, they can send a confidential email.   When the other member connects, it is up to each member to verify the authenticity of the other in two ways.

  1. Have them fill out a mentor or mentee questionnaire.
  2. Phone the references on the questionnaire.
  3. Contact the mentor and talk to them to see if the energy feels right.

I want to delete my account. How do I do it?

Go to “My Account” click “Edit my account” box under your name icon. Scroll to bottom of account page and click on “CANCEL MY MEMBERSHIP-Delete account”

Do you have a corporate mentor program solution?

Yes. We can provide you with your own site specific corporate online mentor program that looks like it fits into your current website and offer guidance for implementation. We provide you with ongoing support to make sure your mentor program succeeds and gives you the ROI you are expecting.

Good luck with your search