Who are the mentors and mentees?

The members of this community are everyday people like you and me who want to learn and/or give something back in the form of experience, knowledge and emotional support. They are from all over the world.

It is important to have the mentor or mentee fill out the applicable FindAMentor questionnaire so you can verify their authenticity and qualifications.

Mentors are people who think they can offer guidance to others in a particular area of expertise and experience. They will have formal knowledge and experience to share so that mentees can be effective, avoid costly mistakes, communicate better, and have more fun.

Mentors are people who are really good at a particular aspect of life. That doesn’t mean I want to be exactly like them or that they are really good at all aspects of life. It just means that I want to learn some things from them. I have many mentors. At least 4 for every aspect of life that is important to me.

Mentees are people who want to learn and do well in a particular aspect of life. They have questions and concern in an aspect of life that interests them. They want to understand how to flow through the emotional ups and downs of achieving goals.

We hope you connect with someone so you can both learn and expand your lives in different ways. I’ve often heard mentors say they learn as much as mentees.

Thank you,

FindAMentor team