Four mentoring options to explore!

Mentoring options.

  • Common Mentoring. In a construction company mentor program each mentee was assigned an experienced superintendent as a mentor.At your common mentor would be someone you find who has experience in your field of interest.
  • Cross Mentoring. In the corporate program all superintendents are mentors to all mentees in some form at times — It’s an informal expansion of common mentoring. At  you might find two mentors to get some cross mentoring.
  • Vertical Mentoring. In a corporate program mentees become mentors to new employees and silent mentors to other existing employees, leading by example.At you might sign up as a junior mentor and describe that in your Ad.
  • Peer Mentoring. In a corporate program the superintendents mentor each other on mentoring and being a good superintendent — Mentees mentor each other on being a good mentee, mentor and worker — (informal.)At  you might search the database for other mentees in your field of interest and form a mastermind to help you grow.