When to connnect with mentors?

It takes a little time to find a mentor that fits for each individual. Be patient.

1. Find a mentor or mentee in the FindAMentor database using the advanced search feature.

2. Send them an email through the website’s anonymous email system.

3. Ask them to fill out a FindAMentor ‘Mentor Questionnaire’ form or ‘Mentee Questionnaire’ form. On the form there is a section to fill out for what is the best time to connect and for how long.

4. Verify that the mentor is authentic and has the knowledge you are looking for by checking their references and place of employment.

5. Follow the guidelines the mentor or mentee puts on the form and connect with them.

6. Use the FindAMentor ‘Mentor Session Questionnaire’ form in your mentor sessions. Make sure the mentee has filled out the FindAMentor ‘Mentee Questionnaire’ form prior to the first mentor session and both parties have a copy. This ensures the mentor and mentee follow guidelines and make the interaction as efficient as possible.