What is a mastermind?

Build your mastermind group! A mastermind as defined by Napoleon Hill is when two or more people come together with a collective objective.

When this happens he writes “a third invisible intangible force likened to a third mind is created.”

Napoleon Hill interviewed hundreds of the world’s most successful people of his time on the principles of success. He wrote their success principles down and shared them with the world in many books. The concepts came from people like Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, Alexander Graham Bell, Theodore Roosevelt, Sir Winston Churchill, Andrew Carnegie, Gandhi, and many others, all of whom declared the mastermind principle was one of their keys to success. Hill included words on the mastermind principle in each of his many books.

At FindAMentor we see mentoring as a form of masterminding. Its two people coming together with the common focus of helping the mentee improve in his/her abilities, skills, knowledge, etc. Both benefit from the small mastermind group of two. I’ve heard mentors say they learn as much in the process of mentoring as the mentee. Two peers can mastermind the same way in a peer mentoring environment and receive benefits. We encourage masterminding at FindAMentor.com.

You can use our database to build a mastermind group in an aspect of life, or work, that you want to become great at. We think the best size for a mastermind group is 4- 8 people. We think a mastermind group should schedule regular meeting times and meet consistently whether it’s daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly, etc. Some groups will only have to meet annually.

We all have masterminds in our lives to some degree. They are formed unconsciously in friendships, families, with co-workers, etc. How are your masterminds working for you? Do some of them require adjustments? Do you want to be part of a new mastermind group?

You can expand your mastermind groups where needed. We can help. Take responsibility, take action and find new masterminding partners. Build or join a new mastermind group. Masterminding can be a form of peer mentoring. Find more peer mentors. They can help you. You can help them. Add a mentor to the team and 3 or 4 can learn from one and make mentoring efficient.

What is mentoring? Simply put; mentoring is a relationship in which a mentee can acquire hindsight from a mentor before he or she begins a project to help him or her avoid costly mistakes. What would it be like if you could have hindsight on a project before you begin?

Be a mentor or find one at FindAMentor.com. Thanks for reading.

FindAMentor Team