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How FindAMentor Works

Pay it Forward. Give something back. The emotional and intellectual rewards are contagious.   

How It Works:

In our mentor network at FindAMentor we encourage direct communication as much as possible.

Step 1: Join FindAMentor

Step 2: Build a Ad as a Mentor or Mentee, or both, in a category or categories that you are an expert in, or want to be an expert in.

Step 3: Identify a potential Mentor, Mentee or Mastermind Partner in the category you posted a Ad in by searching our database.
Take advantage of masterminding. Remember you can mastermind with other Mentee’s and utilize peer mentoring to increase awareness, knowledge and experience. Read our ‘What is a Mastermind’ page in the Tools and Tips menu.

Step 4: Contact your potential Mentor, Mentee or Mastermind Partner through the FindAMentor email system.

Step 5: Ask them to forward a completed FindAMentor questionnaire.

Step 6: Verify their references and make sure they are who they say they are.

Step 7: Exchange email and phone numbers when comfortable.

Step 8: Make an appointment to contact them in some way. Verify contact information for each other. Remember to keep your agreements. If you can’t, re-negotiate before the appointment begins.

Follow our mentoring guidelines and build your own personal mentoring program. Get some mentor training if you are a mentor.

The mentoring process works best when we communicate information in direct one-on-one, face-to-face meetings because interpretations of knowledge and emotional processes are most accurate.

About  70% of communication happens through body language and facial expression.  Voice-tone contributes another 10%-20 %. Only 10% or less is through words themselves.

At FindAMentor direct contact is not always possible. We can still benefit with the sharing of information.

The 2nd best way to connect with a mentor is over the phone. You maintain the voice tone which helps with interpretation.

The third option is to communicate in emails. Be very specific and share emotion in the writing.

Remember, coaching and mentoring are different. Coaching is done for a fee. Mentoring is free.

If you don’t find what you’re looking for here at FindAMentor, check for other mentoring programs in our “Mentor Resources and Websites” page. You can find a life mentor or a business mentor online.

Encourage experts you know to be a mentor.