Intraprenuership and the Magic Mastermind Team Formula

What to do to get a promotion:

Be an intraprenuer! Use the Magic Mastermind Team Formula.

Do you want to move up the ladder at work? Here’s how!
Become an Intraprenuer. Use the FindAMentor Intraprenuer success strategy here:

Start a good idea project within your company and see it through. Make it succeed. Be the champion of the cause. How do you do it? The best way to be an effective intraprenuer is by organizing and leading a mastermind group.

Use this ‘channeled from above’, Magic Mastermind Team Formula. One of my mentors shared it with me when I was 18 after he went into a trance like meditation and wrote notes, and I’ve seen it work powerfully many times in businesses I’ve worked in, owned and consulted too. I saved the note because I was so intrigued.

Intraprenuership and the Magic Mastermind Team Formula

Intraprenuership and the Magic Mastermind Team Formula

“4 wise men close and two distant, make up the nucleus of your mastermind. One of the four is two.”

I’ve witnessed teams of four to six make incredible things happen for businesses throughout my career. I’ve been part of some of those teams and any time I go into a business I look for the number of people in key teams. When I see teams of four to six people that work together really well together, I see success.

Jesus’ mastermind group was thirteen including him, but the mastermind who brought his message to the world in the form of gospels was 4.

Follow the magic mastermind team formula while you implement the 5 step intraprenuer success strategy.

1) Get a buy in from the management. If the management doesn’t buy in choose another project. Get buy in. People from management could very well be the 2 distant members of your mastermind team. Another option for a distant member might be a consultant, accountant or lawyer. Someone from the outside that can share a different and fresh perspective. Use your 2 distant members to run ideas by and get more perspective on your project progress as it evolves.
2) Assemble a 4 person team that have the right skills to assist you in the achievement. Be the leader. This is your nucleus team. They drive the project as a mastermind group. ‘One of the four is two’, means that one of the four members on the team will always see both sides of an equation and be able to show realistic pro’s and cons to any process being decided upon — sharing full perspective and all possible outcomes. Often this role is called a devil’s advocate.
3) Set a consistent meeting schedule for the team.

  • Do 4 things in the first meeting:
    i) Set the goals and timeframes.
    ii) Decide which team member is best to take on the different tasks and duties according to strengths. Assign tasks and duties to each team member. Give deadlines.
    iii) Decide on a consistent meeting schedule.
    iv) Decide the agenda of each meeting. Take minutes each meeting and start all meetings with last meeting minute review. In each meeting get reports from each member including progress on his/her tasks as well as their objectives going forward. Include compliments and challenges. Finish with round table — any other concerns or questions for discussion. Give each other feedback. In the round table discussion make sure most feedback is positive and encouraging. Follow the 4 to 1 rule when giving negative feedback — think of 4 positives to give the person you gave the negative too. Do the 4X positive reinforcements as a team and over time if needed.
  • Follow the specific agenda, as above in 3a, in each meeting.
  • Assign members of the team action items discussed in the meetings and ask for realistic deadlines. When the deadlines aren’t met, set another in the next meeting.
  • Send a copy of minutes to all members to confirm interpretation of decisions and things talked about. Adjust minutes if needed.

4) As the Champion, check in with each team member on a consistent basis using short one-on-one meetings.
5) Lead by example. Be a good leader. Do what you say you will. Keep your agreements, both spoken and unspoken, and renegotiate when you can’t.

Enjoy being an intraprenuer using the Magic Mastermind Formula and watch your career advance.