About Mike Garska

Mike Garska is a business and life coach from Canada.

Mike has been consulting and coaching in businesses since 2001. Mike’s areas of expertise are sales, sales management, communication skills, HR process, mentoring programs and business management.

He specializes in facilitating leadership meetings and consistent communication and information flow. Mike has almost 30 years experience as a business owner. In 1987 he started a cellular phone business from the trunk of his car and grew it to 3 stores and 3 million in annual revenue. In 1998 he sold his stores and began his consulting and coaching career.

Before that he gained experience working in companies doing every aspect of a business including, expediting, reception, order desk, shipping/receiving, purchasing, inventory control, sales coordinator, sales, sales management and general management. He also has construction home building experience and understands the construction process very well, including industrial infrastructure construction. He has extensive experience in the mobile communications, equipment sales and service, construction, and industrial sales industries. His natural strengths are with people and communications. Mike launched FindAMentor.com in 2015 in an effort to reach more people and companies with healthy life and business growth best practice. We want to help you b e a great company!