How MMP Works

1. A good mentor program effects on-boarding so new employees stay longer. Measure how many, and how long employees stay. ie; 12 weeks, 6 months, 1 yr., 2 yrs. When measured you will see how this benefit translates into reduced hiring costs. How much does it cost you to hire an employee? How many did you hire last year for existing positions and for new positions?

2. Training is enhanced with effective mentoring and employee’s learning curves increase so employees are more productive and happier. This is measured by measuring work performance. How do you measure and track the different groups work performance? Do you need a system? You can learn how to measure on line or with a consultant. You can track things like sales, customer service call length and repeats, shipments per day, forms per day, etc.

3. Communication and information flow is expanded so employees are more informed, happier, satisfied and therefore more productive. You can track employee satisfaction with surveys and measure improvements. Some companies measure employee satisfaction once every five years, others more often and some never. Employee satisfaction translates into improved performance and employee retention — both measurable in dollars.

4. Future leaders are identified thereby managing talent asset succession. Tacit knowledge (knowledge that cannot be written down) is transferred from the mature part of the workforce to the future leaders. Leaders control the growth of your company. Mentor programs help them lead more effectively and communicate with the team. Measure the bottom line year over year. Your leaders are responsible for growth. When they are given the tools, and the right trained people, your company grows.

1. No system to implement and manage. Set up systems to match partners as well as guide and track mentor sessions.

2. Mentors often don’t know how to mentor. Train the mentors.

3. Senior management doesn’t support the program. Get buy in and participation from senior management.

4. The company culture doesn’t support mentoring. You can do a culture assessment to see if the company is ready for a mentor program.

5. Results and effectiveness aren’t tracked. Measure and adjust effectiveness of matches and sessions. Rate mentees progress and compare to other mentees in program. Use surveys and one-on–one inquiry sessions to see what participants think about making the program better. Do it over time. Give your program 2 years to evolve and make adjustments every six months and minimum once per year.

We can help you with culture assessment and effective implementation. We can help you with training the mentors. We offer the only ISO recognized mentor training available in the world at this time. ISO-17024 compliant. We can help you measure program and employee satisfaction with our surveys.

We keep it simple. We customize our SaaS mentor platform to meet the needs of your business and work with your program administrator or as we like to call it program champion(s), to set the program up for success.

1. The First step is to set up the mastermind team in your business that drives the program. We help you identify those people.

2. We set up your matching system on line. You could have someone manage a manual program for you, build your own matching website or you can use our easy start Program. (Insert computer and person sitting. )

  • We help you set up the categories of mentoring in your company. With us, you have the flexibility to set up custom categories for each position, function, or level in your company or organization so your people have access to the right mentors and mentees for their position and personality.
  • Then your employees create a Ad with specific information about who they are, what their goals are, and the attributes they desire in a mentee/mentor connection and post it in the category they work in.
  • Your employees can be matched through Ad searches, smart match suggestions, or by the program champion and administration team.
  • With the FindAMentor program we give the unique option of allowing your workers the choice of building a mastermind team with peers, in their area of employment.

3. We provide your team with SUCCESS RESOURCES like

  • The tools and tips from We make them available on your mentor program homepage, plus you have the flexibility to customize them for your unique culture, and add more. You can copy ours.

4. We give you administration tools. We supply them and give some guidance on how to use them.

  • Your program champion(s) gets access to an administration panel where they can set up systems to monitor matches, request reports on a mentee’s progress, and mine demographic reports.
  • Your administrator can send group emails to all participants, just mentors, or just mentees and that will continually engage participants and keep them informed on important details about the program.
  • With our program, you will get customizable templates to record and track mentor sessions and mentee progress.
  • You can build your own program system and flow.

5. We help your program team mastermind the implementation of the program and get it done. We provide you with 3 free sessions of mentor program implementation coaching for your administrative team when you choose our services.

6. We help you continually mastermind the program process and progress with your teams, to adjust the focus as needed, and to continue to guide the work-team to build the best unique healthy work culture for your business! With our program we give a meeting system and masterminding formula that helps assure your people’s success in the program, and gives longevity to the success of your unique business.

When you follow the six steps to implementing a mentor-mastermind program, you can improve communication flow and build strength and vitality into your teams!

We give you Bonuses:

  • All your participants get free Gold Membership access to, which expands your mentor/mentee reach to our global community.
  • All participants receive a free copy of The Mentoring Guidebook, they can sign up for daily inspirational emails, and get access to our exclusive Mentor Chat Forum.

We’ve facilitated business mastermind and mentoring programs in companies for almost 10 years. We want to invest in the long term success of your program, so we offer follow-up services:

  • Peer Mentoring and Mastermind team building is what we specialize in. We can facilitate sessions on site, or on-line, for other initiatives.
  • We can help with employee engagement and conduct some motivational best-practice sessions with your employees.
  • We can moderate some one-on-one mentor sessions and offer guidance.

Partner with us today. Together we can make your company great by improving the transfer of wisdom and knowledge you already employ, and you get the bonus of increased effectiveness in your information and communication flow culture. Just submit the contact form below and we will call you back soon. Thanks for being here and go out and make it an awesome day.