How to find a right mentor for my career?

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owasi asked 3 years ago

Hi, I have recently started my career in teaching. i’m looking for a mentor in my field, but i am not sure which Mentor will be right for me. i have had couple of sessions with my mentor in School, i also have had sessions with mentors on, but i am not sure which mentor is right fit for me. i need some guidelines to choose a mentor for me, and which qualities should i look for in a mentor i choose.   

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Mike Garska Staff answered 3 years ago

I don’t think you have to choose only one mentor. I use many mentors. At least 4 for every aspect of life important to me. I have four business mentors. 4 communications mentors. 4 spirituality mentors. etc.

You can use your mentors at different times. That way you don’t have to take so much time from one and the relationship doesn’t become a burden to the mentor.

You will learn different things from each mentor. That’s a good thing. It makes your views more broad and gives you more perspective making you more resilient and knowledgable. Students learn from different perspectives at different times. They may learn similar things from different teachers, but the different perspectives allow the student to be more whole and more valuable to others and the workforce.

When you have a major struggle, call all your mentors and run the struggle by all of them. Take the information you get from all of them and use what fits for you. I hope this helps. Mike

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