What is a Mastermind Partner and Masterminding?

Common Mentoring

A person has a mentor they admire for specific traits or achievements. The mentee asks for guidance. They meet regularly.

Cross Mentoring

In the corporate mentor program, a mentee will have more than one mentor and get advice & guidance from different people. At FindAMentor.com you might find two mentors to get some cross mentoring.

Vertical Mentoring

In a corporate mentor program, the mentee’s become mentors to newer employees or employees that have less experience than them in a particular aspect of their job. At FindAMentor.com you might sign up as a mentee in your category, as well and mentor, and mentor someone more junior than yourself.

Peer Mentoring or Masterminding

In a construction company mentor program the superintendents mentor each other on mentoring and being a good superintendent — Mentees mentor each other on being a good mentee, mentor to other junior workers and worker. Masterminding is about 2 or more people focused on, and working on a common objective. Any team is a mastermind. At FindAMentor.com you might search the database for other mentees in your field of interest and form a mastermind group to help you grow.

Reverse Mentoring

There are two ways to look at reverse mentoring. 1. The mentor learns from the mentee as the relationship evolves. 2. In a corporate setting an older CEO with no experience in social media, for example, might ask a junior worker to mentor them on social media process and concepts.

Flash Mentoring

A mentee will ask for a short quick mentor sessions on a specific issue(s).