Enjoy the 3 gifts of Christmas sharing!

Hi Everybody,
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from FindAMentor.

Enjoy the 3 gifts of Christmas sharing this holiday season with your family and all of your mentors — your family mentors, your friend mentors, your co-worker mentors.

Thank you for being a part of the EPIC Mentor Network at FindAMentor.com. Thank you for being a mentor if you are one of our mentors. Thank you for being a mentee if you are one of our mentees. Thank you to our masterminding members. I hope all of you are enjoying the gift of sharing knowledge and experiences.

I want to take this opportunity to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas and to remind you to take advantage of the 3 gifts of Christmas.

Gift 1. The joy of giving. Enjoy it. Be present in it. It’s a gift in itself.

Gift 2. The joy of receiving and feeling gratitude. Don’t miss this wonderful opportunity to feel gratitude and share it often this season. Share your gratitude with your co-workers. Thank them for everything they’ve helped you with this past year. Take the time to think of at least one thing to thank your co-workers for this holiday season.
All of our co-workers can be utilized as a mentor in some way. Remember, with some people we can learn what to do and from some we learn what not to do. We can learn something from everyone. Be grateful. Be genuine. Thank someone you haven’t thanked before.
I think of all my family members as mentors in some aspects of life. Remember there is no one mentor we want to be exactly like. Learn to adopt the good characteristics that you like about your family and friends. Take the opportunity to share gratitude with them this holiday season for the good parts of them you learned from. Just do it. Thank them.

Gift 3. The joy of presence. It’s cool that presence can be a present. Sometimes all we have to give is our presence and the love we feel. There’s joy in giving love. Be extra present to everyone this season, especially the people you love dearly.

Ask questions genuinely, listen closely and let the internal chatter go for a moment and try to invoke some empathy. Feel them. They’ll appreciate it and you will experience the gift of listening and hearing. When you give the gift of authentic presence and empathy, you get bonus gifts of experiencing listening, hearing and learning.

Cheers. Have a wonderful holiday season.
Mike Garska and the team at FindAMentor.com

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