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Don’t make New Year’s resolutions!

Don’t make New Year’s resolutions!

If you are not 100% sure you are going to keep all of your new year’s resolutions and see them through to completion, don’t make them. Don’t build on unsuccessful habits.

When we achieve our goals our confidence and belief grows and we build on, and develop, success habits. When we don’t hit our target or get close to it, we build on unsuccessful thought and emotion habits.

Don't Make New Year Resolution
I want you to build the habit of winning and succeeding and achieving the things you want in your life. Make commitments to things that drive you. That you won’t give up on, no matter what. If you have that strong desire to make something happen for you in 2017, commit to it and “never, never, never, never — give in,” said Churchill. If you want to call it a resolution, do so. But only commit to goals that you are willing to do whatever it takes, to achieve them. To keep it simple try making only one key resolution this year. Commit to it.

Write it down. Tell someone else about it, but only the people you trust will support you. Report your progress to them consistently, until you achieve it. Tell a mentor or mastermind partner. You don’t have to tell anyone else, and sometimes when we tell the wrong people about our goals they discourage us and feed us doubt. Don’t let yourself build doubting Thomas habits. Don’t tell those people about your New Year’s resolution or any other goal.

It’s important to have a comrade when you are committing to any important goal. Someone you can send weekly progress reports to and discuss. Dr. Gail Matthews of Dominican University did a goal writing and commitment study. She noted when those people who wrote their goals down and reported weekly to a colleague that the, “positive effect of accountability was supported: those who sent weekly progress reports to their friend accomplished significantly more than those who had unwritten goals, wrote their goals, formulated action commitments or sent those action commitments to a friend.” In fact, those who didn’t write goals down achieved less than ½ of those who did. Which half of the population do you want to be in. Those who succeed or those who don’t. Both are habits. Choose your habits wisely. Use the tools we give you at FindAMentor.com to help you build success habits.

If you want to be in the crowd of achieving significantly more than others, write your goals down and report your progress weekly to a supportive friend, mentor, or mastermind partner. Develop this habit for all of your goals and you will be amazed at the outcome and yourself.

Have a great 2017. Go out make it an awesome year by developing some awesome success habits.

Thanks for reading.
Mike Garska, President, FindAMentor.com